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Ocean Youth Trust South offers sailing voyages as a personal development opportunity for young people aged 11-25 from the widest possible variety of backgrounds – many of them disadvantaged and vulnerable - to develop things like confidence, teamworking and resilience. Our vessel Prolific has a fire pump which doubles as a bilge pump, and is an essential item of safety equipment; but it is old and increasingly unreliable, and spare parts are often not available. Thanks to a donation from Whirlwind, we can buy and fit a new fire pump which will help ensure safe sailing for hundreds of young people for many years to come.

I wanted to start by thanking you for your generous contribution to fund swimming lessons for our students. The funding is already making a real difference. 

To date, the first group have just completed their lessons, and they've made really great progress in the pool. During the initial lessons in February, it was clear that very few of the students could swim at all, and many found it distressing to be in the water. After just over 4 months, 100% of the students are totally comfortable in the water, and most are able to swim unaided. However, not only have they learnt to swim, but they've loved every minute of being in the pool. unlike here in the UK where attending a weekly swimming lesson might seem like a bit of a chore, in Ghana the kids relish being able to get in the water and have some fun while learning. It's a break from the norm, and a chance to participate in an activity that very few people get to do.

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hansa logoDisability doesn’t always mean inability. HCUK promotes inclusive sailing for all, rewarding everyone physically, mentally and socially, welcoming everyone to the wonderful world of sailing, encouraging disabled people to take on this challenge. Sailing has an enriching and positive impact on the many disabled people who enjoy the advantages and benefits of this stimulating sport. Many disabled sailors would like to take part in sailing events but are unable to do so, either because they don’t own a boat, or don’t have the means to transport a borrowed ‘club’ boat. With support from Whirlwind we have set up a fully-equipped Mobile Support Unit that we can take to events throughout the UK, to provide the essential resources to enjoy sailing.

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Excelcior logoThe Excelsior Trust formed in 1983 to take on the restoration and maintenance of Excelsior, an historic Lowestoft Sailing Trawler.  Today she provides a unique sailing experience to disadvantaged young people aged 13-18 which is challenging and unfamiliar to them, away from their everyday life. 

When young people board Excelsior they enter another world, a world of adventure and challenge. They have a real task to complete: they have to become a crew member and their ship has to sail safely to a stated destination and back within a set period of time.  Young people develop new skills, make new friends, see new places and conquer their fears and anxieties.  It is with thanks to The Whirlwind Charitable Trust for their continued support.

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