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Excelcior logoThe Excelsior Trust formed in 1983 to take on the restoration and maintenance of Excelsior, an historic Lowestoft Sailing Trawler.  Today she provides a unique sailing experience to disadvantaged young people aged 13-18 which is challenging and unfamiliar to them, away from their everyday life. 

When young people board Excelsior they enter another world, a world of adventure and challenge. They have a real task to complete: they have to become a crew member and their ship has to sail safely to a stated destination and back within a set period of time.  Young people develop new skills, make new friends, see new places and conquer their fears and anxieties.  It is with thanks to The Whirlwind Charitable Trust for their continued support.

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Our 2019 Residential Project will run for five weeks during the summer holidays, providing a total of 150 disadvantaged children from Merseyside with a break from challenging home lives. Through participating in a structured programme of activities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access, with support from trained volunteers, children will increase their confidence and self-esteem, make friends, and develop positive memories upon which they can subsequently reflect.

We are very grateful to Whirlwind Charitable Trust for providing funding for 15 ‘Young Helpers’ – trained former service users, aged 14-17 – to volunteer on Residential Project in 2019. The opportunity to take on real responsibility in a supported environment will enable them to develop skills, increase confidence and aspirations, and gain experience to support applications to jobs, training or further study.

Seachange logoGroups of young people from a range of backgrounds including those with special educational needs, experiencing deprivation, social exclusion or other disadvantage join us as members of their care groups for five days residentially at sea aboard a Thames sailing barge.

Those who have shown enthusiasm or merit are invited to return as individuals, independently of their group to embed initial benefits gained and embark on traditional sail training. This is known as our Youth Sailing Scheme and can, over time, lead to maritime careers. We are grateful to Whirlwind for contributing towards our bursary fund, which is essential to enable most of our clients to join us.

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Challengers logoDisabled teenagers are often isolated and lonely, excluded from taking part in mainstream activities and youth groups.

With the support of a grant from the Whirlwind Charitable Trust, disabled young people with all ranges of impairments and care needs will take part in exciting outdoor activities at Lodge Hill Activity Centre. These days out will be provided through Challengers youth schemes, where highly trained youth workers will provide 1:1 and 2:1 care for any young person who needs it.

Thanks to Whirlwind, disabled young people will be encouraged to experience something new, push their personal boundaries, and most importantly have an amazing time with their friends.

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