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Sportability aims to put the “buzz” back into the lives of people with paralysis, let them experience the
elusive adrenaline rush, to empower through achievement and ultimately to inspire the thought “If I can
do this, what else can I achieve?”

Last year we offered over 800 completely free places for people with paralysis across 67 events in 13
regions around the UK. Of these, 23 were multi-sport days which offered two or three activities within
one event

Thanks to a donation from Whirlwind, we’ll be able to provide full programme in one of those regions.
That’s around 100 people with paralysis going quadbiking, gliding, sailing, shooting, canoeing, microlight
flying, and many more.

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The Secchi Disk study is the largest, global marine citizen science study conducted by seafarers The donation from Whirlwind will enable a complete renewal of the iOS Secchi application to help seafarers submit the data they have collected to the Secchi Disk study’s database. The aim of the Secchi Disk study, which is now in its 7th year, is to engage seafarers to help compile a time series of the oceans’ phytoplankton so that we can better understand this important marine life. The study is open to all ages and provides a great educational opportunity while at sea, in addition to the collection of valuable and unique, scientific data.


VOA Logo2019 is Vision of Adventure’s first year of operating independently. We are excited to be running 14 courses and events for our visually impaired participants. Its really hard for visually impaired adults to find opportunities to pursue activities at a level beyond the beginner/ Introductory level. We are delighted to be able to work with people to develop them as climbers, cavers and canoeists. Thanks to support from the Whirlwind Trust, 6 visually impaired climbers and 5 visually impaired canoeists will be able to build their skills and independence in these sports. They will receive support before and after their courses to help them get the most from the experience.

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The Voyage of Discovery scheme is an essential aspect of Cirdan’s work which focuses on providing a service for disadvantaged young people.  The young people and few special needs adults who participate in Cirdan’s Voyage of Discovery aboard it’s small fleet of off-shore sailing vessels face disadvantage in their lives.  This mainly relates to social deprivation and special needs but also includes exclusion from mainstream education and society and other forms of vulnerability.

Through the active involvement and challenge of life at sea, the young people learn about themselves, develop an acceptance of others, a willingness to take controlled risks, discover hidden strengths and talents and an understanding of the value of working as a team.

The generosity of the Whirlwind Charitable Trust plays a valuable and much appreciated part in helping Cirdan provide this life changing experience to members of society who most need it.

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