The Trustees and team at Whirlwind are regularly monitoring the current situation in respect of covid-19.

We recognise that the outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an impact on many of our Partner Charities. We wish to be as helpful as possible during the coming weeks and months so our Partner Charities can focus on the vital work in which they are engaged. We understand that there will be times when staff and volunteers will not be available, when beneficiaries may need services to be provided in different ways, or when systems need to be flexible to ensure that needs are met.

If your organisation is affected by the covid-19 outbreak and you have received a grant or funding from us, we are committed to be flexible. Should you need to adapt activities, change dates, or re-purpose some or, all of your grant, we are ready to listen. Please get in touch by email at

Owing to the current uncertainty, the Whirlwind Charitable Trust will not be considering further applications for grants until further notice. The board regret this decision and would like to re assure prospective applicants that we will resume normal business just as soon as possible.