How to apply…

In the first instance, please read our GUIDELINES to ensure that your project fits within Whirlwind’s donations criteria. If it does, please mail or email us your Initial Application. This is a BRIEF OUTLINE of your project, in the form of a letter covering no more than two A4 pages. In addition, you must complete the INITIAL APPLICATION SUMMARY which you can download here.  Please do not change the form in any way, and ensure it is returned to us as a MS Word document:

Initial Application MS Word

A copy of the completed summary, saved as an MS Word document, together with your application letter and latest Report and Accounts, should be sent by email to our Donations Manager, Alison Chipperfield at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All Initial Applications are reviewed by the Secretariat and presented to the Trustees for consideration at their quarterly Board Meetings. Applications received less than four weeks before a Board Meeting are carried forward to the following quarterly meeting.

Formal Applications

If the Trustees decide your project has the potential to receive a donation, you will be sent an email from our Donations Manager, inviting you to make a Formal Application. This will set out the size of the potential donation and any conditions attached.

A PDF Formal Application form will be attached to the email you receive. You will be asked to complete this and return it by email, together with any further documents required (for example, your latest Report & Accounts if new accounts have been published since your initial application).

Please note that an invitation to make a Formal Application cannot be relied upon as an offer of a donation: it is subject to rigorous review.

If your Formal Application is not received by Whirlwind within three months of the date it was emailed to you, the invitation will automatically lapse.

Approval and payment

If the Trustees decide to make a donation you will be advised by the Secretariat of the amount, confirming any conditions attached. Once you have signed and returned an acceptance of the terms, the donation will be made, normally by bank transfer.